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To streamline your workflow, we've added shortcut keys to pages. With just the tap of a key, you can quickly activate many different functions.


Type ? to see available shortcuts on plans, songs, media, and people pages.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

See the sections below for examples of how you can use shortcuts on different pages.

Main Services Pages

In the main Plans, Songs, Media, and People pages, several shortcuts are available. For some shortcuts, you will need to hover over an item for the shortcut to work.

For example, to open or close the Filter menu on the main Songs page, type f anywhere on the page. To archive a song, hover over the song and type a.

archive song.gif

Individual Song and Media Pages

Some shortcuts are available for file actions in individual song or media pages. Most shortcuts are the same for songs and media, but the transposing shortcut is only available for songs.

Hover over a file in a song or media page, and then type the appropriate keyboard shortcut. For example, you can hover over a file and type e to edit it.

edit lyrics and chords.gif

Individual Profile Pages

On an individual profile page, you can type shortcuts from anywhere on the page. For example, you can type d to switch to the details tab, or you can type e to send the person an email.

send email.gif

Media Player

You can also use shortcuts to control the media player.

media player.jpg




Play/Pause the audio or video.

↑ ↓ arrows

Turn the volume up/down (hold down the shift key to turn up or lower the volume twice as much).

← → arrows

Go 5 seconds back/forward (hold down the shift key to skip around twice as fast).

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