Setting Up Backup Teams

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If you have people you want to schedule only when your regular team members are unavailable, you can use a combination of Tags and Needed Positions to set this up.

  1. Assign tags to your backup people.
  2. Only assign your primary people to your team.
  3. When your primary people are all busy, search for your backup people using tags.

Assign Tags to Backup People

From the gear dropdown in the People tab, select Edit Tags.

In the Tags page, create a tag for each position, and then assign backup people to that tag.

Assign Primary People Directly to Teams

In order for the Backups to be scheduled when primary people are unavailable, the team cannot be a tag team.

From any plan in your service, edit your Team and make sure to uncheck Tag Team in the Team settings.

Then edit your positions on the team in the Members tab, and add only your primary people for that position. Don't add any of your backup people.

When scheduling, use needed positions to schedule your team.

Schedule Backups When Needed

If the regular team members have scheduling conflicts, you can schedule your backup people using the tags that you assigned.

In the plan, select Schedule Any Person from the team dropdown.

Schedule any person

To find backup people that are assigned to the position tag, type the name of the tag you created, and then click the result that matches the tag group name.

Schedule Backups When Needed

Select the position from the tag group dropdown, and then click the name of a person that you want to schedule from the list.

Schedule backup

Verify that the Team and Position are correct, and then click Save to schedule the person to the position.

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