Individual Plan Pages

On the left

On the left
  1. The Songs, Media and People tabs can be used to click and drag elements or people to your plan
  2. This area is the Times box. It allows you to edit your current dates/times and add new ones.
  3. The teams that are scheduled in this plan are: Audio/Visual 11AM, Tech 9AM and 11AM and Vocals. Each team can expand (as shown with Vocals\P and then show the positions and people scheduled to them.
  4. To schedule people to this plan click on the 'Schedule a person' button, to email scheduled people their notifications click on the 'Email these people' link, and to set up needed positions click on the 'Needed positions' link.

In the center

In the center
  1. Add series artwork, your series title and plan title here.
  2. Change the times displayed in your plan here
  3. To edit any of your plan elements, hover over them and click on the pencil icon, delete them with the red circle, leave a comment by clicking on the talk bubble or jump to a song arrangement by clicking on the music note
  4. Add plan items by clicking on the green plus icons. There's also one in the upper right corner (see below).

On the right

On the right
  1. Edit the settings for this service type by hovering over the gray bar at the top and clicking on the gear icon (only administrators will be able to do this).
  2. Create a matrix from here, import a template or print a report of this plan.
  3. Add a plan item, rehearse your songs, load Planning Center Live or share this plan from here.
  4. Choose which item note columns are visible here (like the Vocals above).
  5. Quickly view any item notes or attachments by hovering over the boxes to the right of them. Gray boxes are attachments, and blue ones are notes.
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