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Tag Teams are a type of team whose members aren't manually assigned. They're useful when you have multiple teams or positions with the exact same members.

Create a Tag Team

To make your team a Tag Team, check the box next to the Tag Team in the Team Settings.

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See if a team is a Tag Team by glancing at the tag icon next to the team name.

When you check or uncheck the Tag Team box, you'll receive a message letting you know what will happen with your current members before that type is changed.

Tag Team Messages

Enable Tag Team

If this is a brand new team, make sure you add tags to the people on the team before changing it to a tag team, or any members you've added will be removed.

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If you're editing a team back to a Tag Team, any team members without the tag you choose will be removed, and those with the tag will be re-added to the team.

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Disable Tag Team

If you uncheck the Tag Team box, all members will stay the same, but you'll be able to put additional people into positions without adding a tag to them.

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If you're converting a large team, use the Bulk Edit Tool on the People page to quickly add tags to people in those positions.

Add or Remove Tags from People

People tagged with a position tag will automatically be added to the team when you add the tag to the position. If you remove the tag from the person, they will be removed from the team.

You can add tags to people from the Tag page, a person's profile, or from the People page by using the Bulk Edit tool.

Tag Page (Admins only)

On the People tab of the main Tags page, hover over a tag and select the person icon.

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People assigned to this Tag are listed below. Search and select people using the search bar at the top or hover over a person and click the trash can icon to remove the tag from the person.

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Details Tab on Profile

From the Details tab on a person's profile, click Add in the Tags section to search and assign a new tag to the person.

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Select the X on any already assigned tags to remove them.

Bulk Edit Tool

From the main People page, select people using the checkmarks to the left then select the pencil to edit all those people at once.

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Add or remove tags to everyone in your selection at once.

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Add Tags to the Position

Once you enable the tag team, add tags to your positions.

Switch to the Members tab, and then select the position and click Add tag.


Click the button and type to search for the tag you want to add.


Once you select the appropriate tag or tags for the position, you can confirm it based on the number of people in that tag.

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When you Save, the people with that tag will be populated in the position list ready to be scheduled to a plan.


If you use more than one tag for a position, the resulting list of people will have to be assigned to all tags that you add to the position.

Once you've linked all positions in your team with the correct tags, your team is configured and ready for scheduling! When you use needed positions, schedule a team member, or when you filter teams on the People page, you'll see all the specific people assigned to each position or team.


Assigning tags to positions might assign people to a bunch of teams all at once. To avoid adding lots of people to a position they shouldn't be in, either add an additional tag to each position or disable Tag Team in the settings then assign people to positions manually.

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