Tag Teams: Use the same people in multiple places

Tag Teams are a special type of Team whose members aren't manually assigned, but instead consist of people with specific Tags. They are useful when you have multiple Teams or Positions with the exact same members. For example, instead of assigning an Usher to all three door positions, assign her to one 'Usher' tag, and link each door position to that Tag. Then giving her one Tag assigns her to three positions.

Set Up Tags

Click Edit Tags on the People page

On the People page, Click edit tags

From the main People page, click the gear and then 'Edit Tags'. Only Administrators can set up Tags, though Schedulers can assign them to people once they are created.

Create Tags

  1. First you'll need a Tag Group. Click 'Add Tag Group' to create one, and then set its options. In this screenshot, there is already a Tag Group named 'Hospitality'.
  2. Add Tags to your Tag Group by typing in the bottom bar and hitting enter.
  3. Hover over your Tag and click the 'Edit people' button to see who is assigned to that Tag.

For more information on managing Tags & Tag Groups, see this lesson.

Add Tags to People

The next step is to add Tags to the right people. There are 3 places to do this.

1. Tag Page (Admins only)
Click on the Pencil Icon next to the tags to assign people from your database to this option

On the main Tags page, hovering over a Tag and clicking the 'Edit people' button. Search and select people using the search bar at the top. People assigned to this Tag are listed below. Hover over a person and click the trash can icon to remove this Tag from the person. Learn more.

2. Profile Details
Tags section on Profile Details Tab

From the Details tab on a person's profile, click the Add button in the Tags section to search and assign them a new Tag. Click the X on any Tags that are already assigned to remove them.

3. Bulk Edit
Bulk Edit

From the main People page, select people using the checkmarks to the left of each person and then click Bulk Edit. You'll be able to add or remove tags to everyone in your selection at once.

Set Up Team

Set Up Teams

Go to the main Plans tab and click on a plan. From within a plan, click the gear in the Teams section to manage Teams.

Manage Teams Popup

Hover over your Team and click the pencil, or use the button at the bottom left to create a new team.

Choose Using Tags

Edit Team popup

From the Team Setup tab, choose 'Using Tags' in the Assign People to Positions section.

Click Accept to save your change.

Link Positions to Tags to Populate Members

Add a team or position
  1. From the Manage Teams box you should see different positions within each Team. You might have to click the Team first to expand it.
  2. Any positions within a Tag Team that don't have Tags linked will show a yellow warning sign.
  3. Hover over a position and click the pencil to edit it.

Select Tags as Criteria

Edit Position popup
  1. Choose a Tag Group in the left column and then one of its Tags in the middle column. Selecting a Tag will add it to this position as criteria, showing it in the right column.
  2. This far right column shows which Tags are actually linked to this position. In this screenshot, we've selected the Hospitality:Usher Tag. Anyone assigned to that Tag is now assigned to Usher Door 1 on this Team.

You can choose more than one Tag as criteria. When you do, people must have all of those Tags to be assigned to this position. You can see a count of how many people have all of the Selected Tags right above the Selected Tags section.

Schedule Your Teams

Once you've linked all Positions in your Team with the correct Tags, your Team is configured and ready for scheduling! When you use Needed Positions, Schedule a Team Member, or when you Filter using Teams on the People page, you'll see all the specific people assigned to each Position or Team.

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