Viewing Received and Sent Emails

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Planning Center records every email sent and received through the system for three months. You can check your email history to make sure that everything was delivered.

Undelivered Emails

If someone mentions they didn't receive an email, try these things:

  • Check Planning Center People to make sure their email address isn't blocked.

  • Ask the attendee to add and to their email address book or whitelist the email address.

If neither of these help, contact support by clicking the ? in the top right corner of the app.

You can see a list of all the emails a person has received through Planning Center from the Communication tab on their profile page.


Viewing Email History

To view your sent and received email history, click the Communication tab in your profile.


Email history is kept for three months.

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  1. Choose to view Received or Sent messages.

  2. Click a message to view its contents.

  3. Click to load the next 10 messages.

Only users with Scheduler permissions or higher can send new emails from Services.

Viewing Emails

When viewing emails from your profile, you can respond to scheduling requests in emails sent to you.

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When you are viewing emails sent to other users, links in the email won't work.

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