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If your church organizes service types into folders, Planning Center remembers which folder you were most recently in. This folder is called your Home folder. Your Home folder updates each time you go into a new folder so you can always resume where you left off. You can see (and set) each user's Home folder from the Permissions section of their profile page.

Why set a Home Folder?

Home Folders are especially useful if your account has many folders and even sub-folders. When you add a new Scheduler, Editor or Admin to your account, it can be helpful to set their Home Folder for them so you don't have to explain to them how to navigate your folders to get to the one that contains their Service Types.

Go to a person's profile

Go to a person's profile

Go to the main people tab and click on a person's name. (You can also click your own name in the top right, and then 'Profile' to quickly access your own profile.)

Set a new Home Folder

Set a new Home Folder
  1. Switch to the Details tab
  2. Choose a Home Folder and it saves automatically.

When that person next goes to the main plans page, they will be in the new Home Folder without having to navigate there themselves.

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