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Each user in Services has different access depending on the permissions set in their profile. Explore the different permission levels in detail, and learn how an Administrator can  change a person's permissions.

Permissions Settings and Defaults

Default permissions for the whole Services account can be set from the People page. Only Organization Administrators can view and edit these permissions.

In the People page, select Permission Settings from the gear menu.

Set the default permissions for Services.

  1. Set the default permissions and file access for a new Services user. User permissions higher than Viewer can be set by an Administrator from a person's profile.
  2. Set the minimum default user permission to:
    • View team members from the People page.
    • Edit other people's contact information and set up households.
    • Export the People list to a CSV file.
    • Remove the My Teams filter from the People page to get a list of everyone, not just people on their teams.  This does not affect searches for people to schedule or assign to teams.
  3. Allow all Administrators or only Organization Administrators to delete any songs, media, and people. Warning: Deleted songs, media, and people cannot be recovered, so be careful with this setting!

Edit a Person's Permissions

To edit a person's permissions:

  1. Go to the Details tab in a person's profile.
  2. Click Edit in the Permissions section of a person's Detail tab.
  3. Select any folder to expand or collapse it and see its Service Types.
Edit Permissions

In this example, Joe Smith, the Children's Pastor at the Centerville Sydney Campus has the following permissions:

  1. Joe's General Permission is Viewer. This permission will apply to all Folders and Service Types, unless specific Folder or Service Type permissions are set.
  2. Because Joe primarily works at the Sydney campus, he needs Scheduler permission for that campus so that he can schedule people across Service Types.
  3. Joe is assigned Administrator access for all Service Types under the Kids folder.
  4. The Service Types under Administrator are Same as Parent, which means that Joe is an Administrator for these Service Types as well.
  5. Joe has File Access to all files, so he can download files attached to a Plan, Song or Media item that he has permission to access. He can also stream files attached to a Song or Media.

When you add a new person, File Access is enabled by default, unless the defaults are changed by the Organization Administrator in the Account Permissions Settings.

The highest permission that Joe has across all Service Types is Administrator. This permission is shown under his name in the profile and in the People list.

Permissions Summary

The following table summarizes the Services access for each permission level, in order of lowest to highest. The higher-level permissions inherit the access of all of the permissions below them. 

Permission Level Services Access Allowed
Scheduled Viewer

View their My Schedule page and plans that they have been scheduled for after a notification email has been sent. They cannot see Plans, Songs, Media, or People unless they have higher permissions elsewhere.

  • View all plans, songs, and media even if they aren't scheduled for a plan. 
  • View people on their teams on the People page.
  • View, create, and edit profiles. Create and edit teams they lead. Schedule People on teams they lead.
  • Add Rehearsal and Other times (but not Service times) in a plan.
  • Add and edit all plans, people, and songs. 
  • Upload data and can delete songs, media, people, and plans they have created.
  • View and edit everything, including Service Type settings
  • Delete songs, media, and people they have created, unless permissions are set to Allow Admins To Delete Anything.
  • Create and edit tags for songs and people (only people with the General Permission set to Administrator).
  • Reschedule plans.
Organization Administrators
  • Edit or delete anything, even if they did not create it.
  • Change site settings and permissions.
  • Oversee the entire Planning Center account (OAs are assigned in Accounts).

Detailed Tables of Permissions

The tables in the following sections detail the permission levels required for each Services task.  

Permission Scope
  • Highest Permission - The actions in this section are dependent on the highest permission a user has across all Folders or Service Types. This permission is listed to the left of each person's name on the main People page and under their name on their profile.
  • Service Type - The actions in this section are dependent on the user's permission for a specific Service Type.
  • General Permission - The actions in this section are dependent on the user's General Permission for all of Services. A person's General Permission is the top-most permission option on their profile Details tab.


Navigation permissions include access to the main pages in Services and permissions to create or delete Service Types and Folders. 

Highest Permissions Scheduled Viewer Viewer Scheduler Editor Administrator Organization Administrator
View My Schedule

View Plans, Songs, Media, and People Pages

Create/Delete Service Types

Create Folders

Delete Folders


FP - Looks to Folder Permissions

EF - If folder is empty (looks Folder Permissions as well)


These permissions are related to viewing, adding and editing Songs, Media, and People. 

Highest Permission
Scheduled Viewer Viewer Scheduler Editor Administrator Organization Administrator
View Received Emails in My Profile

View Sent or Received Emails in Other Profiles

Edit Songs and Media

Delete Songs, Arrangements, Media, and People


Upload Song/Media Attachments 

View People Page

Remove “My Teams” Filter


Export People CSVs


Edit People Contact Info


Edit People Assignments

Edit People Permissions

Set File Access

Edit/Delete Tags

Import CSV to People Page

C - If they created it

PS - Based on the Permissions Settings

SPL - Same permission or lower

GP - Based on General Permission not Max Permission


These permissions show which access levels have the ability to enable or disable the Services integrations. 

Highest Permission
Scheduled Viewer Viewer Scheduler Editor Administrator Organization Administrator
SongSelect (CCLI)



WorshipHouse Media


Plan permissions include the ability to schedule people and add or edit plans and teams. 

Service Type Permission Scheduled Viewer Viewer Scheduler Editor Administrator Organization Administrator
Add a Plan

Delete a Plan


Reschedule a Plan

Edit Order of Service (Items, Title, and Series)

Schedule People

Edit Teams and Positions

Delete Teams and Positions


Edit Service Time

Edit Rehearsal/Other Time

Edit Plan Notes

Edit Templates


Import/Export Templates


Upload an Attachment

C - If they created it

PO - People only

Services LIVE

The permissions in this table relate to Services LIVE actions

Service Type Permission
Scheduled Viewer Viewer Scheduler Editor Administrator Organization Administrator


Take Control from Someone Else


Reset LIVE times in Plan

DO - Day Of, only on the day of your plan

LP - With LIVE permissions for that Service Type


These are the permission for actions related to the Services account. Most account actions can only be performed by an Organization Administrator. 

General Permission
Scheduled Viewer Viewer Scheduler Editor Administrator Organization Administrator
Edit Custom Reports

Billing and Subscription

Recover Deleted Service Types

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