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Each user in Services has different access depending on the permissions set in their profile. Explore the different permission levels in detail and learn how to change a person's permissions.

Administrators can change permissions for folders in which they are the Administrator. Schedulers and Editors can create people, and those people will be assigned to the default user permission defined in the Services Settings.

Accessing Permissions

From the People page, choose a person to go to their profile and access their permissions.

Accessing Permissions

Select the person's permission in the Header or select the Details tab to view the person's permissions.

Switch to Details

The permission listed in the Header is the highest permission they have, even if it's just for one specific service type.

View Permissions

View Permissions
  1. All users have General Permissions, the level of access have for all Folders and Service Types in your account. When you add a new person, their General Permission is set to Scheduled Viewer unless your Organization Administrator changes the default.
  2. You can give users different permissions for each Folder or Service Type in your account, which allows someone to be an Administrator of your Children's Ministries Service only, but a Scheduled Viewer for all other Services. Only permissions that are specifically set will be shown in the Permissions view section.
  3. Allow access to files attached to Plans, Songs, or Media, depending on what each user needs. The Organization Administrator can change the default to allow or disallow any or all access when a person is added. File Access Permissions also affect the ability of Editors and Administrators to create, edit, or delete files.
    • Download files that are attached directly to a Plan.
    • Download or stream files that are attached to a Song on the Arrangement, Key, or Song level.
    • Download or stream files that are attached to a Media item.

Edit Permissions

Select Edit to make changes to permissions.

Edit Permissions
  • If the user has specific permissions within a folder, that folder will be open by default. Select any folder to open or close it and see its Service Types.
  • Any specific permissions are styled in black to make it easy to scan down and see them. If a box has a black arrow on the right, you have permission to change its value. If it has a gray arrow, you are not an Administrator of that specific folder or Service Type and don't have rights to change someone else's permissions for it.
  • If your General Permissions are not Administrator, you will not see or be able to change File Access settings.

Permissions are saved immediately and verified by the Saved badge each time you make a change, but to return to the simplified view, select Done.

Setting the permission to Same as Parent will use the same permissions as the folder above that Service Type. If there is not a folder above it, the permissions will be set to the General Permission. This setting allows you to change many permissions by only changing one.

Permissions Breakdown

Scheduled Viewers

This permission level is the default recommended permission because users cannot access information that doesn't pertain directly to them. When Scheduled Viewers log in, they only have one page to view, Schedule, which contains the My Schedule section.

They can only view plans that they have been scheduled after a notification email has been sent. If there is an envelope icon next to their name in a plan, they cannot see that they have been scheduled.

Scheduled Viewers do not see the Plans, Songs, Media, or People pages as long as Scheduled Viewer is their only permission. If a person has any permission higher than Scheduled Viewer, even for just for one Service Type or Folder, they will be able to see Plans, Songs, Media, and People pages.


Viewers can view all plans, song, media even if they aren't scheduled for a plan. On the people page, they can only see people in their teams, and they cannot remove the My Teams filter. Organization Administrators can restrict Viewers from seeing the people tab by editing the Site Settings.


Schedulers can view all plans and songs as well as edit and schedule people. They can also create and edit teams and positions and add rehearsal and other times (although not service times).


Editors can add and edit all plans, people, and songs. They have permission to upload data and can delete songs, media, people, and plans they have created.


Administrators can view and edit everything, including Service Type settings. People whose General Permission is Administrator can also create and edit tags for songs and people.

Administrators can only delete songs, media, and people they have created unless an Organization Administrator changes the Site Settings default to Allow Admins To Delete Anything.

Organization Administrator

This permission is assigned to the person who oversees the entire Planning Center account. Organization Administrators can give or take away these same permissions for other Organization Administrators.

Organization Administrators can edit or delete anything, even if they did not create it. They have access to the Site Settings as well as the main Accounts page in order to make changes to Billing.


When a person is no longer attending or serving at your church, the best practice is to archive them. Archived accounts keep history and any information, but they do not show up on the people page or any searches. They can no longer log in to their account and do not count against your people limit.

If a user was assigned as the Replies To person for any teams, the new Replies To person becomes the Organization Administrator when the user is archived.

We strongly discourage deleting people who are no longer attending or serving at your church. If you delete a person, all the information from their profile, including their scheduled history, is deleted and cannot be recovered.

Detailed Table of Permissions

In the tables below, each area shows the scope the permissions in that section apply to. There are three scopes:

  1. Highest Permission: The actions in this section are dependent on the highest permission a user has across all Folders or Service Types. This permission is listed to the left of each person's name on the main people page and under their name on their profile. If a person is a Scheduled Viewer in almost all Service Types, but an Administrator in even one, then their highest permission is Administrator.
  2. Service Type Permission: The actions in this section are dependent on the user's permission for a specific Service Type.
  3. General Permission: The actions in this section are dependent on the permission for the whole Services app, which is the top-most permission option on each person's page. All other permissions are for a specific Folder or Service Type.


Highest Permissions Scheduled Viewer Viewer Scheduler Editor Administrator Organization Administrator
View My Schedule

View Schedule Tab

View Plans, Songs, Media, and People Pages

Create/Delete Service Types

Create Folders

Delete Folders


FP - Looks to Folder Permissions

EF - If folder is empty (looks Folder Permissions as well)

Service Type Permission Scheduled Viewer Viewer Scheduler Editor Administrator Organization Administrator
Add a Plan

Delete a Plan


Edit Order of Service (Items, Title, and Series)

Schedule People

Edit Teams and Positions

Delete Teams and Positions


Edit Service Time

Edit Rehearsal/Other Time

Edit Plan Notes

Edit Templates


Import/Export Templates


Upload an Attachment

C - If they created it

PO - People only

Service Type Permission
Scheduled Viewer Viewer Scheduler Editor Administrator Organization Administrator


Take Control from Someone Else


Reset LIVE times in Plan

DO - Day Of, only on the day of your plan

LP - With LIVE permissions for that Service Type

Highest Permission
Scheduled Viewer Viewer Scheduler Editor Administrator Organization Administrator
View Received Emails in Profile

View Sent Emails in Profile

Edit Songs and Media

Delete Songs, Arrangements, Media, and People


Upload Song/Media Attachments 

View People Page

Remove “My Teams” Filter


Export People CSVs


Edit People Contact Info


Edit People Assignments

Edit People Permissions

Set File Access

Edit/Delete Tags

Import CSV to People Page

C - If they created it

SS - Based on the Site Settings

SPL - Same permission or lower

GP - Based on General Permission not Max Permission

General Permission
Scheduled Viewer Viewer Scheduler Editor Administrator Organization Administrator
Edit Custom Reports

Change Account Settings

Update Billing Options

Enable Music Stand and Projector

Recover Deleted Service Types

Highest Permission
Scheduled Viewer Viewer Scheduler Editor Administrator Organization Administrator
SongSelect (CCLI)



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