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You can add people from the main People page by importing multiple people from a CSV file or adding them individually.

Your Planning Center (People) database allows for unlimited people, but Services is priced based on the number of team members. When you add a person to Services, they count against the number of Team Members included in the Pricing package.

Import from CSV

If you have a CSV file with people you want to import, go to the People page, and then select CSV Import from the gear menu.

Add Person Button

You will be taken to the importing page in People.

You will only be able to import people if you have access to People.

Click CSV Import

After the CSV file is uploaded, create a list based on when people were created.

Once you have the list of people, use the bulk action to send them all a Services welcome email.

bulk action

Once you've sent a Welcome Email, the people will be added to Services, and they will be able to create their password and log in.

Add a Person

You can also add people to Services individually.

1. Search for the Person

On the People page, click Add Person, and then type the name of the person you want to add.

Person Search
  1. If the person already exists anywhere in your Planning Center account, their name will appear in the dropdown menu. If they haven't been added to Services, you will need to add them after selecting their name.
  2. People who have never been scheduled or who have been archived will show in separate groups. You can restore a person's access from their profile.
  3. If your person doesn't show up in the list, type out their full name, and click Create a new person.

2. Create a Planning Center Profile

If you are adding a new person who isn't yet in the People database, enter the person's information for their profile.

Add Person Popup

3. Add Services Information

If you're adding a new person or someone who is in the People database but not yet in Services, you'll need to import the person into Services.

First, add some additional Services-specific information, and send them a welcome email.

Enter their information
  1. Select which welcome email to send them.
  2. Adjust their permissions or leave them as the default permission as assigned in the Settings.
  3. If you've created any required tags, select those options.

Select Submit to finish adding the person to Services.

4. Update Their Profile

In the person's profile, add any preferences or teams from the Scheduling tab.

If you know which folder the person will be in most of the time, choose that folder as the Current Folder from the Details tab.

Planning Center Welcome Email

A default welcome email template is available, and you can also customize the welcome email template for your church.

Welcome Email

This Welcome Email sends different text depending on the person's permission.

When editing this email, pay attention to the code inside the curly braces {{ }}:

  • All users will be sent the final paragraph after {% endif %}.
  • If the recipients have Scheduler permissions or higher, the two paragraphs under {% if to.scheduler_at_all? %} on setting up and learning how to schedule will be included. If their permissions are lower than Scheduler, those two paragraphs will be left out.
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