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If you don't have an iOS or Android device, you can use Web Music Stand from within a plan.

In a plan, hover over rehearse and select Music Stand.

Hover over Rehearse and click Music Stand.

Your PDFs may take a minute to load depending on the number and size of the files.

Your PDF's will be loaded. This may take a minute depending on how many PDF's you have and the size of each file.

Once your PDFs load, you can

To turn the page back or forward, click on either side of the page, as shown below. Or, click the arrows at the bottom.
  1. Go back to the plan in Services.
  2. Choose a page number, if applicalbe, use the arrows to go between pages, or just click/tap the sides of the pages to switch pages.
  3. Make notes on the PDF or view another person's notes.
  4. Open the settings to rearrange pages or select a different file for the song.
  5. Close the toolbar then select the Music Stand logo to bring the toolbar back up.


When you select the the pencil, you can add your own notes to the PDF.

Use the annotation toolbar to add Pen, Highlighter or Text annotations

While in annotation mode, you can go to the next or previous page to continue making notes.

  1. The pen tool lets you draw freeform.
  2. The highlighter tool highlights any area of the page. As you draw it appears in front of the text, but after hitting the Done button, it blends in.
  3. The Text tool allows you to type in text using a keyboard. To move text, tap and hold it until it's outlined in blue then drag it. To delete, tap and choose delete on the keyboard.
  4. Draw a rectangle on the screen to erase any pen or highlighting within the rectangle. When you draw, you can see what will be erased, but it will not erase until you let go. Also, it will not erase text from a text box or the PDF.
  5. Change the color or the size of the pen or highlighter tools.
  6. Clear all annotations: once you confirm, you will not be able to undo.

Web Music Stand does not support the use of a stylus with touchscreen devices such as Microsoft Surface. To use touchscreen capabilities, use Music Stand on a mobile device.

When you're finished, just click the annotation icon again to close the toolbar


When you select the settings gear, you can select different PDFs or view other annotations by selecting from the dropdowns.

To rearrange your pages or add pages, click the rearrange pages button for that PDF.

Select rearrange pages to put the PDF pages in different orders.

Hover over the page in the bottom half to add pages to the sequence, and to delete a page from the sequence, hover over it and select the x.

To add more of the same pages to your sequence, hover over that page along the bottom and click the green "+" that comes up. This adds it to your sequence and you can remove and re-add your pages in the order you prefer.

Select Accept when you're finished arranging your pages to save them to the plan.

On iOS or Android, you can access audio files, add notes to another person's annotations, and link multiple devices together for sessions.

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