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Matrix reports allow you to see information accross many plans.

Generate a Report

For some reports, only the items that are viewable in the Matrix will show up in the report. Expand the sections that you want to include in the report and hide the sections that you want to exclude.

To view report options, click print in the Matrix view.

Select a report type from the Select Report dropdown.

Click the arrows to see the Community Report options available.

Adjust any output settings for the report, as needed.

When you are ready to print the report, click Accept.

  • If you choose to create a PDF report, the PDF file downloads to your computer.
  • If you choose to create a web page, the report displays on a separate tab in your web browser.

Sample Reports

The following sections contain more information about some of the reports.

All Individual Plan Reports

This report will give you one PDF of all the plan flows with times and item notes. A plan report is compiled for each day that you have loaded in the matrix.

This is what the ALL INDIVIDUAL PLAN REPORTS report looks like:
All People Report

This report shows you everyone you have scheduled for every team, whether or not the team is displayed in the Matrix

This is what the ALL PEOPLE report looks like:

This report shows you all of the people scheduled under each team for each day. It also shows their status.

  1. If people have confirmed for a plan, their name will appear in bold.
  2. If they have not yet replied, their name will appear gray and they will have a ? symbol next to their name.

If people have declined, their name will not show up at all. This report does not show needed positions, only those who have been scheduled.

People Calendar (open teams) Report

This report shows you all of the people scheduled to the different teams and positions for each day. The reports shows everyone's status and will only show teams displayed in the Matrix.

This is what the PEOPLE CALENDAR (open teams) report looks like:
Sample - Matrix Report

The Sample Matrix report shows any sections that are displayed in the Matrix view.

This is what your SAMPLE MATRIX REPORT looks like:
Sample - Vertical Matrix Report

This report shows the same information that's in the Sample - Matrix Report in a different format.

This is what the VERTICAL MATRIX REPORT looks like:
Times Report

This report shows you all of the times and titles for each date loaded in the matrix.

This is what the TIMES report looks like:

Custom Reports

Custom Reports are available for you to create if you know some HTML. These reports will be listed at the top, under your church name reports.

If you wish to add or edit your church's custom reports, click edit custom reports to the right.

Custom Reports:
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