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This lesson is an overview of using Songs, Arrangements & Keys with links to other lessons that show you how to accomplish each task.

First, check out our tutorial on Songs and Arrangements!

Adding & Editing Songs, Arrangement & Keys

  • Adding a New Song - Song information is imported from CCLI
  • Adding Arrangements to a Song - Add different arrangements for each version of the song you use. Title your arrangements by the original artist or album (Chris Tomlin - Arriving), by ministry (Student Arrangement) or any way that will help you differentiate between them (Condensed Version).
  • Adding Keys to Song Arrangements - Add multiple keys and use Planning Center's transposing features. You can even title your Keys to help you know what you use each key for (Female Key, Original Key).

Organizing & Finding Your Songs

Transposing Chords & Mp3s

  • Lyrics & Chords - Enter lyrics & chords or copy and paste them, and Planning Center will automatically make PDFs in any key you add to your arrangement.
  • Transposing MP3s - Upload mp3 files and have Planning Center transpose them to any key you add to your arrangement.


Attaching Files

  • Add Song Attachments - Upload files from your computer, link to files on the internet, or link to iTunes, AmazonMP3, or Spotify. Files will be available to your users when you add them to your plans.
  • Streaming or Downloading MP3s - Choose to enable mp3 downloading or restrict it so that they can only be streamed online.
  • Attachment Types - Using this advanced feature, you can classify each file you attach so that different users see different files. For example, set it up so that only Band members can see chord charts, Vocalists can see lyrics, or different members of your orchestra only see the sheet music for their instrument.
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