Responding to Scheduling Emails

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There are three different types of scheduling request emails that you might receive from a Scheduler: a single request, a multiple request, or a signup request.

Respond to a Single Scheduling Request

When you receive a scheduling email with a request for only one service, click Accept, Decline, or View Plan.

When you receive your email, click Accept, Decline, or View This Service.
  1. This is the plan you have been scheduled for. The View plan link will take you to the plan without responding to it.
  2. This shows you what position you're scheduled for.
  3. Here are all of the service, rehearsal, and any other times you are assigned to.
  4. The large response buttons prompt you to accept or decline the request.

If you accept the request, your response is automatically sent to the Scheduler.

If you decline the request, you have the option to add a reason, then click Submit to send the response to your Scheduler.

Respond to Multiple Scheduling Requests

Your administrator may choose to send you one email for multiple requests. This cuts back on emails for you!

To respond, click Respond To Requests.

Responding to multiple requests in one email:

You have the option to accept or decline the request, and add an optional response if you decline.

Click Submit to send the response to your Scheduler.

If You Decline:

Respond to Signup Sheet Emails

If your church allows people to sign themselves up, you might get an email to view a Signup Sheet. Click View Signup Sheet to view the signup sheet and sign up for a position.

Signup Sheet Emails
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