Responding to Scheduling Emails

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There are three different types of scheduling request emails that you might receive from a Scheduler: a single request, a multiple request, or a signup request.

Single Request

When you receive a scheduling email with a request for only one service, click Accept, Decline, or View Plan.

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  1. View the date and plan you've been scheduled for, and click View plan to open the plan.

  2. The box shows you the position and team you've been scheduled for, as well as the times you're scheduled. If you've subscribed to your schedule, you'll see this on your calendar.

  3. Click Accept or Decline to send your response to your team leader.

    • If you accept the request, your response is automatically sent to the Scheduler.

    • If you decline the request, you have the option to add a reason. You can also add other information that you want your leader to know, such as the name of a person who will serve in your place.

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Click Submit to send the response to your Scheduler.

Multiple Requests

Your administrator may choose to send you one email for multiple requests. This cuts back on emails for you!

To respond, click Respond To Requests.

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You have the option to accept or decline the request, and add an optional response if you decline.

Click Submit to send the response to your Scheduler.

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Signup Sheet Emails

If your church allows people to sign themselves up, you might get an email to view a Signup Sheet. Click View Signup Sheet to view the signup sheet and sign up for a position.

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Changing Your Response

You can change your response from Accepted to Declined for positions that you've previously accepted.


Positions that you decline will disappear from your schedule, so if you want to accept a position that you previously declined, you will need to contact your team leader to put you back on the schedule.

Go to your My Schedule page, and then hover over the position that you want to decline and click the red x.


Your team leader will be notified that you declined the position.

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