Update: Schedulers can now create Plan Notes

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Earlier this year we released the ability to customize a team's reminder email by including any Plan Notes assigned to that team. This also helps you remember to put that important information in the Plan itself, so that team members can get to it in the Plan even if they've deleted the email.

Until now, only Editors and Administrators could create plan notes in the first place, which meant that Schedulers couldn't customize reminders. As of today, Schedulers can now create Plan Notes, and therefore, customize reminder emails to their teams.

Permission Details

Schedulers are only allowed to create and edit things for the specific teams they lead, so there are a few things to note.

  • Plan Notes the Scheduler creates must be assigned to at least one team
  • The Scheduler must be a team leader of all teams they assign to the note
  • The Scheduler can only edit or delete notes they themselves have created

With this change, all team leaders, whether Schedulers, Editors, or Administrators, can create Plan Notes for their teams, making sure all important information is centralized, and sending that information in any reminder emails they've set up.

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