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If you’re familiar with automations over in Planning Center People, this should be an exciting announcement. We’re bringing those same powerful automations into your Services Teams, so your Services Admins, Editors, and Schedulers don’t also have to be a People Admin.

Outgoing Automations

Automations in Planning Center give admins the power to automatically and immediately perform an action on people. Before today, Services actions were only available to People Admins through lists and forms. Today, we are proud to introduce them to all Services admins! Services admins* will now see a new tab in each team, allowing them to set up an action to be performed immediately when someone joins or leaves a specific team.


Example scenarios:

  • Anyone added to the hospitality team in Services is added to the hospitality team in Groups.

  • Anyone removed from the band is added to a workflow in People for follow-up.

Incoming Automations

Another great feature added today is the ability to see any automation that adds or removes someone from a team, even if that automation was created in a different Planning Center product. Rather than having to open every form and list in People to hunt down where the automation was created, Services admins* will now see them from the Incoming section within a Team's new Automations tab.


If the admin has access to the trigger location (the list, form, etc.), there will be a “manage” link that takes them to that location. There, they can see its history, pause or unpause, or claim ownership.

We’ve been working on expanding automations beyond lists and forms for quite some time and are excited to share it with our beloved Services admins! Stay tuned for more!


*Services Administrators, Editors, and Schedulers, depending on team membership and role, as outlined here.

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