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We live in a time where there is more great worship music than ever before, and technology has made it easy to access and share. Sharing music, however, comes with a plethora of copyright concerns, for which CCLI has been striving to provide solutions for decades. If you utilize CCLI for your church's copyright licensing, the process of reporting your song usage has just been dramatically simplified with Auto Reporting through Planning Center Services!

In the past, CCLI would rotate through different churches, requesting that they manually report their usage for a period of time. If it was ever your church's turn to report, every time you scheduled a song to a service, you would need to keep track of a few different types of song usage, enter those numbers into the appropriate fields in Planning Center, print a report for the week totaling those usage numbers, and then use that report to manually duplicate that same information into CCLI's interface.

Now? Check one single box and Planning Center automatically sends everything to CCLI from now on!

CCLI Settings Modal.pngFrom the gear on the main Songs page in Planning Center, open the CCLI Settings popup and check the box to enable Auto Reporting. Once enabled, every Monday Planning Center will automatically send CCLI a list of all the songs in plans whose Service Times occurred in the last week (Monday - Sunday), from any Service Type.

You'll be able to log in to CCLI's Reporting website to check the results if you'd like. The following things are important to know:

  • CCLI will only show each song once per day. It doesn't matter if you did a song at 5 different times, in 3 different Service Types, they will only show it once on that day.
  • Only songs with CCLI numbers will be reported. CCLI numbers are shown under the title on any Song's page and are often added automatically when you add songs. Songs added from the "All Songs" search (powered by CCLI) will always have a CCLI number. Songs added from the "Popular Recordings" search (powered by, may or may not have a CCLI number. You can add that number to your song manually by clicking the pencil next to the song's title on the song editing page.

We're excited to help you eliminate a large administrative task in a way that still empowers the creation of new music, while freeing you up to focus on other areas of your ministry!

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