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Your musicians need chord charts, lyric charts, and audio files to practice and be prepared to serve your church well. RehearsalPack, RehearsalMix, Playback, and Chart Pro are different tools made by MultiTracks that provide these, and those tools are available to your musicians for many songs. Set up the integration and then link the resources to the song.

You can enable just a part of the MultiTrack ecosystem or all of it. Check out the table to decide what your team needs.



Chart Pro

Original audio in transposable keys

Chord Charts


Individual audio stems in all transposable keys

Enable the Integration

Select the appropriate button from the Song Integrations page, which takes you to MultiTracks to complete the setup.

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  • RehearsalPack provides chord charts, lyrics, and original audio in all twelve keys for your songs, so your church doesn't need to juggle multiple subscriptions and sources to prepare your worship teams.

    RehearsalPack files do not count against your Services file storage.

  • RehearsalMix provides different audio mixes for each part or instrument on the original recording of the most popular worship songs. A paid RehearsalMix account is required and allows you to link to audio mixes included with your RehearsalMix account. You can also import your playlist into their Playback software for use during rehearsals and services.

  • Chart Pro provides charts and slides you can customize for your team. It includes a PDF Chart Subscription (16 songs monthly; 200 songs annually).

View Licensed Users

You can see who is licensed to use what files by selecting Licensed users at the bottom. 


Add Files to a Song

In the song arrangement, click the + button in the Files section.


Select the arrangement that you want to link.

  1. Search for the arrangement.

  2. Select album art to hear a preview.

  3. Select the + to select that arrangement.

Unlink and Relink Files from MultiTracks

Select the unlink button to remove the files from the arrangement and select a different one.


To relink, go to the Song Integrations page and select Relink next to each product your church has a subscription to.


Send Instructions to your Team

RehearsalMix is a new way of practicing songs, so it's great to prepare your team for the new files they'll see. Email your team to help them understand the new files.





RehearsalPack doesn't have files for chosen key(s)

In Multitracks, if the Charts and Multitracks tabs show files in the key(s), relink the integration.

Error when files were linked

Relink the integration.

Missing Files

If the key is available on RehearsalMix, relink the integration.

Cannot manage user seats

MultiTracks requires the organization administrator permission level to do this. If you are a Services administrator, you may encounter errors.

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