New: Signup Sheets Gets a Redesign

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There are so many ways to schedule your teams, and most of these methods require you to add them to the plan and send out schedule requests that they can accept or decline for. But there are certain cases when you would prefer your team schedule themselves.

By enabling Signup Sheets, this allows your team to add themselves to the schedule based on when they are available, and this feature has just been given some brand-new design updates and ways to make the signup process even smoother. Originally, Signup Sheets had been built with the same technology that the old Matrix view used. With the recent release of the NEW Matrix, updating Signup Sheets made even more sense!

Signup Sheets Pop-Up View

The new view brings your team as much information up front in order to help them know exactly what they are signing up for. See the time commitments, any conflicting times, and the other members of your teams that are currently scheduled to the service.



Times Sub-View

The Times button opens a new sub-view that shows what times are associated with that position.

If there are any conflicting times, the button will say “View conflict” button instead. When they open the Times sub-view, a yellow banner at the top will show them why there are conflicting times. The start and end times are shown to let people know what sort of time-commitment is needed for that particular role.


Teams Sub-View

With this view, your team members can see a filtered My Teams view, which also includes people scheduled to any related teams.

This simplified version of the Teams tab from that plan allows you to see which position is available for signup, and team members who are currently pending or confirmed. Needed positions and declined people are not included, in order to keep this view clean and simple.


Household Signups

But wait! We’re not stopping here. We know that many family members like to volunteer together. So Signup Sheets has been expanded to also include Households, giving people a way to sign up members of their Household to available spots as well.

We plan on adding Household Signup Sheets to Church Center at some point in the future. That way, this redesign will help provide a consistent experience anywhere a person can sign up to the schedule.

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