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File tags are a way to categorize your files. You can tag files and filter your files from the Files page.


For tags to limit the files people can see in a Service Type, Limited File Access must be enabled in the Service Type Settings.

Tag Groups

Tags are grouped into Tag Groups. These default File Tag Groups are created for you:

  • Lyrics and Chords: This group contains tags for each of the types of chord charts you can create with Services (Lyrics, Chord Chart, Capo Chart, Number Chart). Those four tags cannot be deleted, but you can add your own custom tags to that group.

  • Rehearsal Mix: If you've enabled the Rehearsal Mix integration, Rehearsal Mix tags will automatically be created and grouped into a Tag Group for you.

If you want to create tags that don't fit into these categories, you can create a Tag Group for them.


If you have existing Attachment Types, these will be converted to File tags and grouped into a Tag Group called Custom.

Create File Tags

To access the Tags page, click Edit tags from the File page gear menu.

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Add the name of the tag to the Tag Group, and click the + sign.

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The name of the tag automatically becomes a keyword, which will be assigned to any file that has a name containing this keyword.

Add any additional keywords or file names, and then click Save.

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  1. The tag will be assigned to any files that have the keywords in this field.

  2. The tag will not be assigned to any files that have keywords in this field.


If a file name contains a keyword listed within a File tag, the tag will be automatically assigned to the file unless the file name also contains an excluded keyword.

Assign a File Tag to a File

You can assign a tag to a file when you create, upload, link , or edit a file.

edit tag.gif

Filter Files Using Tags

To filter files using tags, click Filter in the upper right corner of the Files page.


In the Tags tab, filter the files list by Tag or Tag Group.

filter by tag.png

If Limited File Access is enabled for a Service Type, you need to assign File tags to each position that needs access to a tagged file.

Best Practices for Assigning Tags to Files

When you are editing a file, you should usually only be assigning it to a few tags. In fact, we only allow 15 tags to be set per file. If you are trying to assign one file to more than a couple tags, there is usually a more efficient way to do it.

For example, if you have an orchestra with 20 instruments, you might have 20 tags, one for each instrument. Great! But if you want all instruments to see the main rhythm chart, you'll try to assign that file to all 20 instrument tags, which will take a long time for each file.

Instead, create a new File tag called Rhythm Chart.

modal_add tag.png

Then add Rhythm Chart to each of your 20 instrument positions. Those positions will now be assigned to at least two tags.

file visibility.png

Now when you upload a Rhythm Chart, you only have to assign it to one tag, and all instruments will see it.


If you want everyone to see a file, then you don't need to assign it to any tags. Just leave it blank, and everyone can see it.

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