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When you need to prepare for church, you launch the Services mobile app and everything is right there. But you might want to keep tabs on some key tasks without needing to launch the app. 

With our new mobile widgets for Android and iOS, schedulers can make sure everyone is confirmed, musicians can view songs in the setlist, and all team members can check their call times and make sure they’ve responded — right from their home screen.

This update is rolling out gradually over the next week.

Up Next

The Up Next widget allows any team member to see the next time in their schedule. If they haven’t confirmed yet, the colorful Accept or Decline buttons should be bright enough to be the little angel on their shoulder constantly reminding them to respond.



The Rehearse widget also nudges team members to accept or decline, but once they confirm, it shows a list of songs and keys for the next time in their schedule. This should make it easier for them to see if there are songs they don’t know so they can leave more time to rehearse, or to keep a lookout for songs added to the plan since they last checked.


Tap on the song list to open the app to that plan’s order. If the widget has room, it might also show a button that will launch right to the media player. Small widgets on iOS only allow one tap action, but you can tap and hold to edit the widget’s settings to choose where you want it to take you.


Schedulers can keep an eye on the status of teams they lead to make sure all those question marks turn into checkmarks. If you lead more than one team in a plan, smaller versions of the widget will total the statuses into one row for “Teams I Lead,” and taller versions of the widget will show each team separately.


Tap on your teams to see those team members in the app. If the widget has room, it might also show you a button to open the app to the text message composer.

Schedule & Rehearse

If you’re a worship team leader, you don’t have to choose between team status or songs. Instead, you can have it all with the Schedule & Rehearse widget that combines all of the widgets into one superwidget™️!



Home screen widgets have been possible on Android for quite a while, and these new ones will work on any Android device that can update to Services 5.7. Apple completely revamped widgets in iOS 14 and now allows them on the home screen, so those devices do require iOS 14 or higher to install these widgets.

To get started, install any of these new widgets on Android or iOS so you can have all this important information right at your fingertips.

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