New: Hide the Order for Any Team

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Some teams need access to the full plan including the service order. Many other teams aren't concerned with the items in the service, they just care about the times in their schedule and maybe the other members of their team. With the new Team Schedule option, you can completely hide the Order tab for any team to simplify their experience and avoid confusing them with buttons and features they don't need.

From any Team's settings tab, you'll see an option called Access for Scheduled Viewers.


Full Plan and My Schedule Only already existed, but Team Schedule is new. Any team members (with the Scheduled Viewer permission) who are scheduled on a team set to Team Schedule, will be able to access the plan, but will not see the Order tab.

This setting only affects the new plan page for now since the old page doesn't have a good way to hide the order. And at this moment, Scheduled Viewers can't even see the new plans page, so it doesn't really apply anywhere. 🙃 However we will be letting Scheduled Viewers into the new plans page in the next few weeks. Then later this year it will apply to the mobile apps as well.

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