Default Permission Settings

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Set default permissions for the whole Services account to make adding people to your account much more manageable. Organization administrators can view and edit these permissions.


To see how permissions affect people's access in Services, check out Permissions in Services.

From the People page, select Permission Settings from the gear menu.

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Set the default permissions for Services.

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  1. Set the default permissions and file access for someone just added to Services. Permissions higher than viewer can be set by an administrator from a person's profile.

  2. Choose the minimum default permission for each of these actions:

    • View team members from the People page.

    • Edit other people's contact information and set up households.

    • Export the People list to a CSV file.

    • Remove the My Teams filter from the People page to get a list of everyone instead of just people on their teams.


      If you want scheduler permissions and above to add people in Services, they need permission to view people who aren't on their teams.

  3. Allow all administrators or only organization administrators to delete any songs, media, and people.


    Deleted songs, media, and people cannot be recovered.

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