Editing Permissions in Services

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Give your volunteers the lowest permission level with enough access to do their jobs.

Permission settings can be set in two places:

  • Default permissions for the whole Services account are set from the People page.

  • Permissions for an individual are set from the person's profile.


To see the details of how permissions affect people's access in Services, see the Permissions in Services article.

Set Default Services Permissions

Default permissions for the whole Services account can be set from the People page. Only Organization Administrators can view and edit these permissions.

In the People page, select Permission Settings from the gear menu.

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Set the default permissions for Services.

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  1. Set the default permissions and file access for a new Services user. User permissions higher than Viewer can be set by an Administrator from a person's profile.

  2. Set the minimum default user permission to:

    • View team members from the People page.

    • Edit other people's contact information and set up households.

    • Export the People list to a CSV file.

    • Remove the My Teams filter from the People page to get a list of everyone, not just people on their teams. This does not affect searches for people to schedule or assign to teams.

  3. Allow all Administrators or only Organization Administrators to delete any songs, media, and people. Warning: Deleted songs, media, and people cannot be recovered, so be careful with this setting!


Make sure permissions that need to add people to Services are able to view people who aren't on their teams. For example, if you want Scheduler permissions and above to be able to add people in Services, they need to have permission to view people who aren't on their teams.

Edit a Person's Permissions

To edit a person's permissions, go to the Actions menu in their profile and click Permissions.


The Summary tab shows a summary of the person's permissions.

  1. The highest permission a person has across all Service Types.

  2. Summary of permissions across Folders and Service Types.

  3. Search for new Service Types or Folders to add permissions.

  4. Permissions to download files attached to a Plan, Song, or Media item that the person has access to. Song or Media files can also be streamed.


When you add a new person, File Access is enabled by default, unless the defaults are changed by the Organization Administrator in the Account Permissions Settings.

Edit permissions details in the Folders tab.

modal_permissions breakdown_numbered.png

In this example, Sara Driver, the Children's Pastor at the Centerville Sydney campus has the following permissions:

  1. Sara's General Permission is Viewer. This permission will apply to all Campuses, Folders, and Service Types unless specific Folder or Service Type permissions are set.

  2. Because Sara primarily works at the Sydney campus, she needs Scheduler permission for that campus so that she can schedule people in teams that she leads across Service Types.

  3. Sara is assigned Administrator access for all Service Types under the Kids folder.

  4. The Service Types under the Kids Folder are Same as Parent, which means that Sara is an Administrator for these Service Types as well.

  5. For other Sydney campus Folders and Service Types, the permission is the same as the parent, which is Scheduler.

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