Rehearsal Teams

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Rehearsal Teams allow you to have a team with people who all have access to item files, the media player and songbooks in a plan that they are scheduled to.

We suggest that you assign teams as Rehearsal Teams if they need to access song and media files from a plan. These teams could include:

  • Band

  • Worship Team

  • Tech Team


Teams that are not Rehearsal Teams will see the Teams tab by default when they first go to a plan. If they switch to the plan order, they will not see item files or the Rehearse button. You can optionally hide the order completely by editing a team's settings.

Create a Rehearsal Team

You can assign a team as a Rehearsal Team when you create the team or set an already created team as a rehearsal team.

To make an already created team a Rehearsal Team, go to the Settings tab for the team check the Rehearsal Team box.

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When you schedule this team to a plan, all team members will have access to item files, the media player and songbooks in the plan that they are scheduled to, regardless of their permissions.

Assign Multiple Rehearsal Teams

You can assign multiple Rehearsal Teams from a plan.

The first time you go to a plan, you'll see a list of all the teams in the Service Type. Choose to either enable or disable each team as a Rehearsal Team.

modal_rehearsal team.png

If you don't enable or disable all of the teams at this time, you'll see a red exclamation icon when you go to any plans in the Service Type. Click the icon to see the modal and make any changes.



Rehearsal teams can access rehearsal tools from the Rehearse tab.

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