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Individual plan pages hold all of the service times, items, files, and scheduled teams for a service.


The plan header is available from both the Order and Teams tabs.

  1. Move back and forth between plans.

  2. Click to access the Matrix.

  3. Edit the plan title or series title and art.

  4. Print a plan report or export a plan.

Left Panel

The left panel is available from both the Order and Teams tabs. The sections can be expanded or collapsed to view service times, scheduled teams, plan files and notes, and plan contributors.

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Order Tab

The order tab of a plan page contains plan items, notes, as well as access to Services LIVE and rehearsal tools.

  1. List the service items in the order you want them to occur.

  2. Connect to Services LIVE or share the plan.

  3. Access rehearsal tools.

  4. Add items to the plan.

  5. Choose which information to display about plan items and adjust the plan view.

  1. Choose the times, songs, and notes that display for each item.

  2. The Expanded view displays larger text and allows white space between items. The Condensed view allows more item details to display on the screen.

Teams Tab

The Teams tab holds all of the information on the people and teams scheduled to the plan.

  1. Schedule people to individual teams, send scheduling emails, or enable signups.

  2. View the status of team members scheduled to the plan, or adjust needed positions for the team.

  3. Send a scheduling email to all people scheduled to the plan.

  4. Take action on all teams in the plan, including:

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