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As we continue to refine the design of Services and make it more powerful, sometimes we need to remove existing features. There is currently an option in each Team's settings that determines what parts of a plan the Scheduled Viewers on that team can see. We will soon be removing the "Song List" option and members of those teams will then be able to see all items in the plan.


Why the Change?

This setting has proven to be confusing to many users as it made it seem that team members could not see anything except the song list, when in actuality, all it did was hide items in the Order that are not songs.

In the coming weeks, we are planning on adding some other features that improve team access, and this setting conflicts with those. After seeing that only 0.27% of teams use this feature, and it's confusing to many of them anyway, we've decided to remove this option to pave the way for better things.

Row Colors

If you want to make it easier for your team to see songs once they can view the new page, we have ways to do that. The new plans page has a feature that allows you to change the row color for all your songs. Learn how to set that up in this article.


The Rehearse Button

You can also direct your team to the Rehearse button at the top of the order that contains buttons to open the Media Player or download a PDF songbook. Both of those bring all the files from your songs together so your teams don't have to go searching for them.


The "Song List" option will disappear from the menu in the next few days though it will still work. Then on February 22 we will change all teams set to "Song List" to use "Full Plan." The only thing this will change for teams that were using this setting is that Scheduled Viewers will now see all items in the Order, not just songs.

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