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The main responsibility of a Scheduler is managing teams--assigning team members to positions in teams, communicating to team members in order to get their preferences, and then scheduling team members to plans.

The screenshots and instructions in this document apply to the new Plans page.

Check out the following video for an overview of the scheduling process, and then read the article for more details about the Scheduling role.

Teams and Positions

If you're creating a team from scratch or repurposing a pre-existing team, you'll be doing it on the team page. This page holds lots of information valuable to you as you add team members to positions.

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  1. The header gives you insight to your team: the name, Service Type it lives in, and type of team it is.
  2. Use the Settings tab to update the type, scheduling defaults, and options for what team members see.
    The Members tab holds all your team members in their positions.
  3. The person who created the team is the default Team Leader, but you can manage Team Leaders and their notifications.
  4. Add positions that belong to this team, and then add people to those positions.
  5. People can add their own preferences for being scheduled, or you can add their preferences for them.

Communicate to Team Members

As a Scheduler, you can only communicate with the teams you lead. There are multiple places you can email your team members:

Regardless of how you communicate to them, make sure you remind them about setting their preferences and blocking out dates. When they do that, you're able to have a more predictable schedule.


If your team members serve on a rotation, templates are for you! Create a template with your team members assigned in their specific positions.

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Schedule People to Plans

When your teams and positions are set up, it's time to schedule people to your plan! Navigate to the plan you want to schedule people to, and then click the Actions button to choose how to schedule.

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  1. Browse all team members, schedule everyone on a team, or schedule a guest.
  2. Remember those templates you set up with your team members in their perfect places? Import one of those into your plan!
  3. Not totally sure who you want to schedule, but you know how many people you want in each position? Start with adding those numbers as needed positions.
  4. If you use needed positions, and your team members have put all their preferences in, let the Auto-Scheduler do the work for you! It will look at the number of positions you need as well as those preferences, and then schedule accordingly.

The Matrix

Once you've gotten the hang of scheduling one plan at a time, try scheduling multiple weeks at a time by using the matrix. When you use the matrix, you can send your team one email with all of their requests for a time frame. This cuts down on the amount of emails your team members receive.

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