Nov 30 - Exclude Archived People for Tags In Lists

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If you use our free church membership app, Planning Center People, you probably know about a powerful feature called Lists.  Lists let you use rules using information from any Planning Center app, to get a specific list of people.

If you make a rule based on information from the Services app, we're now excluding people who are archived in Services for Teams, Tags, & Team Leaders.


In the above example, there is a rule to find everyone in Services with the "Carlsbad" Tag. This rule will now automatically exclude people who have been archived in Services without you having to make a separate rule for this.

Most of the other options are based on dates, like finding people who were scheduled in a specific date range, so we are still including archived profiles for those rules. If you would like to exclude them, you can add a condition to exclude Services Permissions that are archived.


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