Nov 20 - Bulk Archive Confirmation

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The new People page has a Bulk Editing feature built in to allow you to edit multiple people at once. If you open the Bulk Editor and change General Permissions to Archived, you can archive many people at once. This is very convenient if it's what you are truly meaning to do, but if not, it can be somewhat destructive.


To help prevent accidental archives, and to make sure you know all the things that will happen to each person when they are archived, we're adding an additional confirmation box when you try to bulk archive.


If you are sure you want to complete the Bulk Archive, type the word ARCHIVE in the box and then click the blue button. When archiving, you never lose their previous scheduling history. If you change your mind later and restore any archived profiles, you'll get their profile back, but their team memberships, permissions, and future scheduling requests will need to be manually reset.

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