Master Calendar Permissions

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When any user logs in from a desktop computer, their Dashboard has a calendar to the left. Clicking the month or the button beneath it takes them to the Master Calendar. We've tightened down permissions on that calendar to prevent Scheduled Viewers and Viewers* from seeing Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Blockout Dates for other people. They will only see plans, and their own birthday, anniversary, or blockouts. 

For users who can view People


For Administrators, Editors, Schedulers and some Viewers*, the Master Calendar shows them everything. They will see a filter bar at the top right that allows them to show or hide Plans, Blockouts, Birthdays, and Anniversaries.

For users who cannot view People


For Scheduled Viewers and some Viewers*, the Master Calendar only shows them information they can see and completely omits the filter bar at the top right.

*Some Viewers?

The reason Viewers has an asterisk above is that there is a special setting for each organization that can allow people with Viewer permissions to see People even though that access is disabled by default. If your organization has enabled Viewers to view People, they will be able to view People in the Master Calendar as well.

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