Oct 17 - Accessing Services Settings

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If you are an Organization Administrator for your entire Planning Center account, there is a settings page for Services where you enable SongSelect & RehearsalMix integrations, set default general settings and settings for files, lyrics & chords. Until now, to get to this page you would click your name in the top right of the toolbar and then click the gear next to your church name.

In preparation for some changes to the toolbar, we are removing that gear, and changing the way you access that page. To access Services Settings, visit the main plans tab, and then click "Services Settings" in the Helpful Links section on the left.

You can also navigate to the root of your plans page (outside of any folders), and hover over your church name to click the gear.

To help ease the transition, we have temporarily left the gear in its old location. When you click it, you'll see an alert with instructions on where to find the new button.

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