Oct 2 - Updates to the Scheduled Person Status

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When you click on a scheduled person in your plan, you can check on the status of your scheduling request, including when they responded. Today, we're making some simple (yet very helpful) changes to make that status more informative by adding the name of the person who made each change.

First, there are times when a person confirms verbally or through a non-Planning Center text message, prompting the leader to update the status on their behalf. If you went back later to check their status, you'd see what time it was updated, but you might not remember if they accepted it themselves, or someone else did it for them. To help clarify this, we've added that person's first name below the timestamp. Hover your mouse over their first name to see their full name. 


Second, if a leader ever sent a scheduling request email and then went to the recipient's profile page and viewed that email, it would mark that email as "Read". Since the team member had not read it yet, it didn't make sense to mark it as "Read" so we've updated that status to only change when viewed by the recipient.

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