Sep 11 - Web Music Stand Improvements

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Planning Center Music Stand, our digital sheet music reader, is best used from an iPad or Android tablet. However, we do have a web-based version of Music Stand as well. It isn't as full featured as our mobile apps, but is especially helpful for those without tablets, or for churches who own their own tablets so their team members can make annotations on their music in their web browser at home.

We've recently made two significant changes to the web-based version of Music Stand.

  1. When you load it, we now only load one PDF per song. We previously loaded all PDFs for each item in your plan, which in some cases could take a very long time. Since you can only view one PDF per song anyway, now we're only loading what you are viewing, which can dramatically speed up how fast Music Stand loads. 
  2. This is a little more technical, but we're now loading your files natively as PDF files, and not converting them to images first. You might not notice a difference here, but because we're not relying on an extra server to covert your PDFs, the whole system should be more reliable.

If you've read to the end of this kind of boring article, I should at least give you a hint of what's to come! The main reason we're even working on this right now is we're wrapping up a big new version of Music Stand for Android and iOS. We've updated the way annotations are created and we needed it to be compatible with Web Music Stand, too. In the process of updating annotations, we decided we might as well make these other improvements! Stay tuned for more information and the release of Music Stand 4 for mobile!

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