Aug 29 - Retiring the Media Store

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We have decided to remove the built-in Media Store from the main Media page. It was a great feature when it was first introduced in 2009, but over the years it has become much less valuable. The good news is you can still get to all the same content directly from but you get the benefit of using all the great tools they've built in to their website.


Many years ago, long before people were used to buying so many things online, Planning Center Services had a Community Songs page and a Community Media page. These were built partially because finding places to purchase content was much harder back then.

Over the years, the online media landscape has changed dramatically. Not only because there are so many places to buy media, but the quality of the technology on their stores has also improved dramatically. Media stores have continued to make their stores better and better, and Planning Center has been focused on planning and scheduling. As a result, our Media Store really wasn't the best way to find media.

As we're in the planning phases of figuring out what the new Media page will look like for our Evergreen redesign, we were looking at our stats and finding that the Media Store was rarely used. As a result, we had decided it would not be part of the redesign. When we realized recently that our special links to WorshipHouseMedia were no longer working, we decided it wasn't worth fixing something that would be going away soon anyway.

What about the Integration?

We do still have a WorshipHouseMedia integration that works great. When you link your accounts, any purchases you make on WorshipHouseMedia will automatically be imported to your Planning Center Services Media page. 


You can also click the "import media" button to manually import previous purchases. The only difference now is you have to go to their site to find the media in the first place, but you already had to go to their site to purchase it, so now you're just using their site for the whole experience.

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