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Want to know what browsers work best with Services? Keep reading!


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If you use Services every day, we recommend you use Google Chrome. It's fast, stable, and it's the first thing we test on when we add features or fix issues.


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Firefox is pretty good, too. If you're on the latest version, things should go smoothly. 


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Edge users should have a pretty swell time, as long as they're on the latest version!


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If you're on a Mac, and Safari is your best bud, that's cool. You should be good to go!

Internet Explorer

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Services only supports IE 11, the latest version of IE. It does not support version 10 or  lower. Even IE 11 is an older browser. Instead of continuing to update it, Microsoft made v11 the last version and created a new browser to replace it, Microsoft Edge. We highly recommend upgrading to Edge or another browser on this list.

Mobile Web Browsers

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We support Mobile Safari for iPhones and iPads. On Android, a recent version of Chrome should work fine, too.

Services also has a Mobile App for iOS and Android!

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