Archiving Arrangements

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Each song in your account can have multiple arrangements. Each arrangement might have a different master recording, chord chart and files. This allows you to have different versions of the song for different occasions, preferences, or time periods.

If you do have an arrangement of a song that you don't plan on using in the future, you can now archive the arrangement.


From the top right of any arrangement, click the Archive Arrangement button. (You cannot archive the only arrangement of a song, instead Archive the song itself.)

Once you've archived an Arrangement, you won't see it on the Songs page, or the Arrangement list anytime you access that song anywhere in Planning Center. You will see it when you go to previous plans that had already added that Arrangement.

Restoring an Arrangement

After you've archived an arrangement, you can access it by clicking "Show Archived" at the bottom of the Arrangement list. You can then choose the arrangement and click the Restore button, which is in the same place as the Archive button above.


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