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The Matrix allows you to see many plans on one screen to assist in long-term planning & scheduling. You can get to the Matrix from a couple different places, and in the past, we allowed you to set a default number of previous and next plans to load. These defaults could only be set by an administrator, because they applied to everyone getting to the Matrix from that location.

Now instead of one set of defaults for everyone, each user can set their own personal defaults for how many previous and next plans are loaded by default when they enter the Matrix from that location.

From a Plan


If you click directly on the main Matrix button from a plan, it will load the Matrix with the defaults shown in the popup. If you want to change the numbers first, you can change them and those will save as your new defaults for that Service Type.

From a Folder


If you use the Matrix button at the top of the main Plans tab next to a folder, it will load plans from all Service Types within the folder. The popup options will default to the folder you are in, but you can change it to a different sub-folder, or to a specific Service Type within the current folder.

Saving Your Defaults

When you change the number of previous or next plans, those numbers are saved as your new defaults for whatever Service Type or Folder you are currently in. If you are in a Folder and change the dropdown box, it will load the current defaults for your new selection, but changing the number won't save.

The numbers are saved in your current internet browser, so if you change internet browsers, your defaults will be reset.

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