Setting Up a New Services Account

Welcome to Services! This article will help you set up your Services account by adding your first service, and it will provide you with links to learn more. In addition to this guide, you can check out our Product Tour, which shows you how Services works for your church.

Once you're subscribed to Services, you're ready to get started setting up the application. This overview video will show you how we will plan and schedule people, media, and songs:

If you're not starting with a blank account, our First Steps section will be more helpful in assisting you as you add to your account.

However, if your account is empty, follow these instructions to create a service full of information that looks like this:

1. Create Your First Service Type and Plan

When you log in for the first time, you're prompted to create a Service Type.

Add a name to describe the plans you add to that Service Type then check any of the Teams we've already created for you. These teams will be imported to your Service Type, and you can add other teams later.

Select Accept, which will take you to your first plan in that Service Type. Add the date and time of the first service.

  1. Type the date or choose it from the calendar then add your start and end time. If there's not a specific end time, choose a time people will be finished serving.
  2. This first time is the Service Time because it's the time the service actually starts and ends, but if you have other times you need to add, you could use a Rehearsal Time or Other Time to make sure all your times are added to the service.
  3. Check which Teams are assigned to this time. Any unchecked team can be scheduled to the plan and assigned to a different time. If the team is unassigned, no conflicts will show.
  4. Use the dropdown to schedule an email to be sent to any team, reminding them they're scheduled to this plan.

Select Accept to be taken to the plan and add items and people to it.

2. Schedule People to Your Plan

When you schedule people to your plan, they can view what's on the plan, depending on their permissions. To schedule people, they'll need to be on a team.

Create Teams

Select the gear icon next to Team (Scheduled People) to access all the teams you added earlier.

Here is a list of your teams and the positions within the teams. To add people to a position, hover over the position then select the pencil.

You can also remove the position by choosing the minus button or add more positions to the team by selecting add position.

Add people to a team by assigning them to the appropriate position. Begin typing the name of a person to assign them to the position.

If the person shows in a list in gray, they are in your database but have not been scheduled before. Select their name and confirm you want to add the person to Services.

If the person you're searching doesn't show up in the search, select Create a New Person to add the person to your database and the plan.

If you've already imported your people into People, create a list of people you'd like to have access to Services then add them to Services and send them a Welcome Email.

Once you've added people to those positions, go back to your plan to schedule people.

Schedule People to the Plan

Once you've added people to their positions in their teams, you can schedule them to a plan in a number of ways.

Check out the video to see how to schedule then email your people.

One Week at a Time

  • If your scheduling looks the same each week, or has sub-teams scheduled on rotation, create a template to speed up scheduling. Choose your template when creating a new plan or import the template into an existing plan.
  • Use needed positions to indicate the number of people needed for each position and get a list of people to choose from, which includes potential conflicts.
  • Schedule guests who are not part of a team one at a time.
  • Schedule an entire group that is not part of a team to one position or each person to different positions.

Many Weeks at a Time

  • The Matrix shows you many plans side by side to schedule weeks or months at a time.
  • If you have set up needed positions, the Auto-scheduler will fill in those positions, avoiding any conflicts or block-out dates.

Allow Users to Schedule Themselves

  • If you enable Signup Sheets, for teams within your plans and people can sign up for any of their positions, as long as positions are needed.

Once you choose a way to schedule, people are scheduled to your plan but will not be able to access the plan until you email them.

People with envelope icons next to their name will not know they are scheduled. The envelope indicates they have a prepared notification that has not yet been sent. In order to notify them, you need to email them by selecting the email icon dropdown.

Send Plan to Scheduled People

Once you have schedule people to your plan, you can either wait until you add your items to the plan or send the plan to scheduled people by choosing the email icon next to any team name or by choosing email.

Get to this view where scheduled people are in the middle of the screen by selecting People from the sidebar.

Choose the status and teams of the people to send them an email.

  1. If you're sending Scheduling Requests, you can send it to those who haven't received a notification yet or to all the people, even those who have received an email before.
  2. If you've enabled Signup Sheets and want to email those who can sign up for a position, select Needed Positions.
  3. Check the status of the people you're emailing if you want to email people with a specific status.
  4. Check the teams you'd like to email.

Select Accept to create the email you're sending to your people.

Choose an email template then enter the information in the body of the email.

Select the X to remove a person from receiving this email.

Your team members will receive an email with the assigned team, position, and time. They can accept or decline right from the email by clicking the appropriate button or select View This Service to see what is on the plan and others on the plan, according to their permissions.

People will be able to Accept or Decline by choosing the corresponding button, but they will not be able to log in until they create a password. You'll need to send them a Welcome Email in order for them to create a password.

3. Add Items to Your Plan

Finish filling out your plan by adding items, the elements of your services. Items include sections of your service, separately by headers, as well as media and songs. Add an item then link to a media or song on their page. Upload files for media and songs on their respective pages to use them over and over.

Choose add your first item to add the very first part of your service.

Enter information about the item before adding it to the service. If needed, you can edit information from this item after saving.

  1. Enter the item details including the time the item will last and when you want the item to play. Pre- and Post-Service item times will not be counted in the time total.
  2. Add a short description about the item. If you need to add more information about the item, add it as Detail by selecting edit.
  3. Include any notes for each role and add more roles by selecting the gear icon when hovering over Item Notes.
  4. Upload songs or media and link to those. If you haven't uploaded songs or media yet, add them now.

Add songs and media as you use them instead of trying to add them all at once. You'll learn the best way to organize your files and will use the items you add!

4. Notify Scheduled People of Schedule

When you emailed them the first time, you didn't have anything on the plan. Now that you have the order of service with the information they need, send them another email letting them know the schedule is ready to view.

Choose the appropriate teams to email. If you only added items that will affect a couple teams, choose to email only those teams by checking their appropriate box.

Select Accept to be taken to the email screen where you can inform teams of changes in the Order of Service.

Once you've gone through those steps, you are ready for your first service! People are able to log in and view the service, as well as accept or decline the invitation to serve.

If you want to dive a little deeper, we have created some specific training videos that are continually updated. Each video is 30 minutes long and has chapters for you to jump around easily. It also links out to all of our articles throughout the video. These videos are the best way to train others how to use Services in the best way!

Get Help & Support

If you need any help as you're getting set up, we are here to help you! The best way is by clicking the question mark in the upper right when you're logged in. When you click that, you'll see this helpful dialog box.

What's Next?
  1. Suggested articles will give suggestions based on the page you're on when you click the question mark.
  2. Type in what you're looking for. This will search our online manual and return articles on that topic.
  3. Select browse our documentation to be taken directly to our online manual. You'll be able to see all of our help articles and open them from there.
  4. Send an email to our Support Team. For the most efficient support, be sure to include specifics about what you're working with. This might include the URL of the plan, the email address of the person, or the name of the file.
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