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Welcome to Services! This guide provides an overview of the main concepts to help you have a better understanding of what you are doing when you actually start setting things up.

Creating a Service Type and Plan

Service Types and Plans organize information for any services or events happening at your church.

A Service Type contains related Plans, which usually happen weekly. Service Types also contain Teams and Templates related to its Plans.

A Plan is where you store all the details about a particular service. It can include service times, rehearsal times, the teams you've scheduled for that service, and all the items happening in that service.

When you create a new Service Type, you'll be guided through a wizard, which will also help you create the first plan for that Service Type.

After songs and media are added to your Services library, you can:

  • Add items to the Plan in the order they will occur in the service.
  • Add any additional files for the Plan or Service Type.

When you are finished adding all your items to the plan, it should look similar to the example below:

Adding and Scheduling People

You can add people to your Services database by importing a CSV file or adding them individually.

CSV Import is only available for Organization Administrators.

The Scheduling Your Teams article walks you through the most commonly used process for creating and scheduling teams.

After people are scheduled to teams, they are able to log in and view the service, as well as accept or decline the invitation to serve.

Get Help and Support

If you need any help as you're getting started with Services, we are here to help you! Use the ? at the top right of every page our app to find help articles or open a ticket with our support team.

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