In App Messaging

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Send emails or text messages to your teams right from the app!

On the Teams screen, select the envelope to send a message to your teams:

Teams screen

Choose who to message, based on status and teams.


To view who will receive this message, select X PEOPLE SELECTED.

Choose to send an email or a text to your team.


Send an email by highlighting Email then choose from a template and add information to the body.

Select the arrow to send.

Send Email

To view or remove who will receive this message, select the number above the email information.


Send a text by highlighting Text then enter the body of the text.

Send Text
  1. Add numbers for people who don't have them in their profile.
  2. View who will receive this text message and remove people, if necessary.
  3. Include the name and last four digits of a person's phone number in your text, so others know who is responding.

Select the arrow to open your messaging app and start a group message with the listed people.

Add Mobile Numbers

If some team members don't have mobile numbers listed, add their mobile number, and it will save to their profile.

Add mobile number

The mobile provider is not required for someone to receive a text in this way.

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