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To create a new team for a Service Type, either copy a team that's similar to your new team or create brand new team. After creating the team, add positions and assign team members to those positions.


If you already have teams created, and you have been scheduling people without assigning them to teams, you can assign people to teams using the auto-assign feature.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

Teams belong to Service Types. From the Plans page, click the gear menu for a Service Type, and then select Teams.

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From the Teams tab for a Service Type, click Add Team, and then enter your new team information.

You can copy team settings from an existing team or create a new team.

Copy a Team

If you have an existing team that is similar to the one you want to set up, you can copy that team.

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  1. Enter the new team name, and click Copy.

  2. Select the service type and team that you want to copy from.

  3. If you want to copy over team members from the existing team, check Include Team Members. Scheduling preferences for team members are not copied over to the new team.

  4. The person who created the team will automatically be added as a team leader, and the team leaders from the original team are also added. Remove any leaders by clicking the x or add new leaders by searching for them.


If Include Team Members is not checked, team settings and positions will be copied to the new team, but any people or tags won't be assigned to the new team.

Create a New Team

If you don't have an existing team that you want to copy from, create a new team.

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  1. Enter the team name, and click New.

  2. The person who created the team will automatically be added as a team leader. Remove any leaders by clicking the x or add new leaders by searching for them.

  3. Check to create a Rehearsal Team and/or Split Team .

Assign People to Positions

After a team is created, you can add leaders and assign team members to positions.

Check out this video, and then read the rest of the article to learn about assigning team members.


Benefits of Assigning People to Teams

When teams are properly set up with all their members and leaders assigned, you gain the following benefits:

  • Members can click the Email My Leader button on their My Schedule page to contact any of their leaders.

  • Members can see which teams they are assigned to and set scheduling preferences from their profile.

  • Schedulers can use Needed Positions to schedule people from a list of team members.

  • When someone declines, schedulers get a list of other people assigned to that position in the decline message so they can instantly reschedule it from their email.

  • The People tab can only show you the people assigned to your teams and filter out everyone else.

  • The ability to email everyone on your team, even if they aren't scheduled to the same date, or even email everyone on multiple teams at once.

Add Team Leaders

Team Leaders are added to the team when the team is created, but additional Leaders can be added to a team by another Leader or an Admin from the Members tab of a team.


Each team must have at least one Leader to schedule, manage and communicate with team members. Leaders can also receive scheduling and blockout notifications from team members.

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  1. Click the Team Leaders tab.

  2. Click the Add person button, type a person's name into the search box, and then select their name from the list or create a new person.

After adding a Leader, set the Team Leader notifications.

Add Positions and Assign Members

To add a position to a team, click Add position in the team Members tab, and then enter a position name.

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Assign team members to positions.

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To add a person to an existing position:

  1. Click on the position tab.

  2. Click to add a person to the selected position, and then type a person's name into the search box and select their name from the list or create a new person.

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It's possible to assign a person to more than one position on a team, but if you have a large team that you want to schedule all at once, we recommend that you assign each team member to only one position.

After you've added a person to a team, you'll see this team and position listed in the Teams section of their profile.

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