Archiving and Restoring Teams

If you have Teams you've used in the past, but no longer plan to use, you can archive them. Archived Teams are hidden everywhere except in plans where people have been scheduled. This allows you to view previous plans and still see all people scheduled to that plan, even if they were scheduled to Teams that are now archived.

Archiving Teams is only available from the new People page which is rolling out gradually based on permissions. It will start with Administrators, followed sequentially by Editors, Schedulers, Viewers, and finally Scheduled Viewers. Once a Team is archived, however, it will be archived for everyone.

Archived Teams are Hidden

  • Scheduling People. When scheduling people to a plan, you will not have the option to schedule them to an archived Team.
  • Team List from a Service Type. When viewing all the Teams within a Service Type, archived Teams will not show.
  • People Filters. When filtering people, archived Teams will not present themselves as options.
  • Team Page. The Team page will not list archived Teams, unless you specifically filter to the "Archived" group.
  • Profiles. When looking at a person's profile, you will not see any archived Teams in their Team assignments.

Archived Teams are Shown

  • When viewing plans where people were already scheduled to those Teams.
  • On the Teams page when filtering to the "Archived teams" group.

Archiving a Team

To archive a Team, go main People tab and switch to the Teams sub-tab.

Hover your mouse over any Team in the list and type the 'x' key on your keyboard.

You will be asked to confirm if you'd like to archive the team. Click yes, and your Team will be archived an disappear from the list.

Restoring Archived Teams

To restore an archived Team, go to the main People tab and switch to the Teams sub-tab. Next change the filter at the top left to "Archived teams". This will show all the archived Teams within your account.

Hover your mouse over any Team in the list, and type the 'r' key on your keyboard.

Confirm that you'd like to restore your team by clicking yes. Your team will disappear from the list of archived Teams and can be found by changing the filter at the top left.

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