Jul 10 - Services 3.3.2 for iOS

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A couple of smaller things were bugging us, so we decided to do a bug fix release. Here are some of the more noteworthy fixes.


- Responding to a scheduling request by force-touching a notification now works. Was this really a bug? Well, we could literally neither confirm nor deny it this.
- If you are only scheduled to one of multiple services times, you'll now see that time in My Schedule. We promise, this was a one-time issue.
- If you don't have permission to reorder a plan, it will no longer seem like you can. We diagnosed this as a reorder disorder.
- Birthdays & Anniversaries will show in your account's International Date setting, with day and month potentially swapped. This was diagnosed as an across-the-border order disorder.
- Tapping a date in the Schedule section of a Profile will take you to that plan. We didn't think to sync the link.


- Deleted songs won't show on the Songs page anymore. So long, song. You held on strong, but you were wrong.
- Linking Media to a Song in your plan will no longer rename it. If you want it renamed, send it on the road to Damascus and pray for a miracle.
- Adding a Minor Key to an arrangement was switching its other keys to Major. We fixed this by negotiating a flat fee.

If you like the Services app or even just our bug fixes, we'd love an App Store review! If you have any issues, use the app's built-in help to email us so we can write back. Each bug in this release was submitted by someone like you!

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