Bulk Editing People

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Bulk Editing allows you to make changes to multiple people at once. There is also a history of recent bulk edits that allows you to reselect the same people and apply another bulk edit.

Selecting People

In order to Bulk Edit, you first need to select people. Select people by hovering your mouse over each person's picture and clicking the checkbox that appears.

select and bulk update.gif

Once you've selected at least one person, two things happen.

  1. The select all checkbox at the top of the table changes to deselect all with a minus sign. Clicking it will clear all selections.

  2. The Bulk Edit button in the action bar will turn green to indicate you are ready to Bulk Edit.

Click the green Bulk Edit button in the action bar.

Bulk Editing Options

The Bulk Edit window allows adding and removing Tags and assigning people to positions within Teams. In addition, Administrators can also set file access, change permissions, and archive people.

modal_bulk edit permissions.png

The top of the window shows the pictures of the selected people, unless you've selected more than 100 people, in which case they aren't shown.

Tags & Teams

Schedulers, Editors, and Administrators can add Tags, remove Tags, and assign people to Positions within Teams.

To do so, click on the appropriate box. You can type to search options, or you can click the options that are shown.

add tags.png

Once you've selected an option, it is shown in the row. You can choose additional options, but any options you've already chosen are filtered out of the list.

Click the X to remove a chosen option.


Adding Single-Select Tags

If you try to add a Tag that is set up to only allow one option in its Tag Group, you'll see a warning.

single-select tags.png

In this example, I have a Tag Group called 'Volunteer Covenant' with two options, 'Pending' and 'Signed'. The Tag Group is set to only allow one of those options for each person. The warning is letting me know that in order to add the 'Signed' tag to my selected people, it won't just be adding the tag to people, it will also be changing the tag from 'Pending' to 'Signed' for any of the selected people that currently have it set to 'Pending'.

Removing Required Tags

If you try to remove a Tag that is set up to be required, you'll see a warning.

remove required tags.png

In this example, there is a Campus Tag that is required, so each person must have a least one Campus tag. The warning is letting me know that it will remove the San Diego Tag for people who still have another Campus Tag, but if San Diego is the only Campus Tag for a person, it won't be removed.

Selecting a Tag Team

If you select a Team that is set up as a Tag Team, you can't assign people directly to that team, so you'll get an error message. To assign people to Tag Teams, you have to change the Tags that are assigned to people so they meet the criteria of for Positions in the Tag Team. Alternatively, you can edit that Team and change it back to a regular team.

Permissions & File Access

Only Administrators will see the Permissions & File Access fields.

set permissions_numbered.png
  1. To update permissions, first choose either General Permissions, or a specific Service Type or Folder. Then a second dropdown will appear where you can choose the actual permission.

  2. To archive people, choose General Permissions in the top box, and then Archived in the second.

  3. To change permissions for File Access, choose either Yes or No for each option.

Apply Updates

Once you've set any options you want changed, click the Update button.

update people_arrow.png

While the updates are being applied, you'll see a progress bar at the top. Any people who are pending updates will also have a spinner around their picture.

Recent Bulk Updates

To access recent Bulk Edits, click the Bulk Edits button at any time.

bulk edit_arrow.png

Then choose "Recent Bulk Edits" at the bottom left.

modal_bulk edits_recent bulk edits_arrow.png

You'll see all Bulk Edits performed by anyone in your account for the last 30 days. If there are enough, there might be multiple pages you can access using the page buttons at the bottom.

modal_recent bulk edits_numbered.png
  1. You'll see who performed each update and when it was applied.

  2. All options chosen as part of the update are shown below.

  3. Reselect the same people if you'd like to apply a new update, or if you'd like to attempt to undo it.

Undoing a Bulk Edit

Bulk Edits can't simply be undone, but depending on what was updated, you might be able to reverse it by applying an opposite update.

Updates can't be undone because each person might have changed differently. For example, if you have a tag with options for yes and no, and you only allow one option to be chosen per person, when you apply a bulk edit to add the Yes tag, it was added to people who didn't have an option. However anyone who already had it set to No, had it changed from Yes to No. See the Tag Warnings above for other examples.

So to try and reverse an update, apply an opposing update. If a tag was added, reselect those same people and remove the tag.

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