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The People page shows everyone who has access to Services. You can manage people from this page when you're not concerned with specific dates or plans.

People with Scheduled Viewer permissions don't have access to the People page. People with Viewer permissions only have access to people for teams that they are on. Other permissions have access to everyone in the Services people database.

People Tab

The People tab lists everyone who has access to Planning Center Services.

  1. Click the gear icon to edit Tags or Import a CSV of people.
  2. Add a new person to the Services database.
  3. Filter the People list by Teams, Tags, Dates, and Permissions.
  4. Perform these actions on the whole people list or selected people: Email, Print, Export a CSV, Bulk Edit. To perform a bulk edit, you must have either the whole list selected or at least one person selected. The other actions will be performed on the whole list if specific people are not selected.
  5. Click the checkbox to select all people for bulk editing, or to deselect all people once any selection is made.
  6. Click any column heading to sort the table by that column in ascending order. Click again to change it to descending order.
  7. Click a person's picture to select that person for one of the actions in the action bar.
  8. Clicking the green text on a person's row takes to you another page:

Teams Tab

The Teams tab on the People page can help you organize all of your teams.

Click the dropdown in the upper left corner of the page to change the Teams list view.

  1. You can view a list of just the teams you are a member of, all teams for your organization, or teams that have been archived.
  2. You can also choose to view teams in a specific folder or Service Type.

The information shown about teams on the Teams tab on the People page is the same as you would see in the Teams tab in a Service Type.

One way that you can use the Teams tab to organize your teams is to identify teams that you might want to delete.

  1. Make sure that Potential Issues is checked in the column menu.
  2. Click the column with the red exclamation point to view all of the teams with issues at the top of the list.
  3. Click on a red box in the Members, Positions, or Last Scheduled columns to see an explanation of why you might want to delete the team.

If you want to delete the team, click Yes, delete team.

Shortcut Keys

There are many shortcut keys available on the People page.

All of the shortcuts except for the last three in the list only work when you are on a person's profile.

Type ? while on the page to see a list of those shortcuts.

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