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The People page shows everyone who has access to Planning Center Services and is where you go to manage people when you're not concerned with specific dates or plans. This article gives an overview of the page and includes links to other articles on some of the more involved features.

People who need People

Planning Center is a suite of applications that can work in two ways.

  • Use multiple Planning Center applications as your full Church Management System.
  • Use an individual application to provide a specific solution.

Services is just one of those applications. Even if your church is only using Services, it is important to understand that no matter how a person is added, their master profile lives in Planning Center People, our completely free membership application. This gives each person one profile that can be used or referenced in any Planning Center app.

Page Overview

The People Page
  1. The People tab lists everyone who has access to Planning Center Services.
  2. The Teams tab gives you an overview of the Teams in your account.
  3. The People Settings menu allows Administrators to edit Tags or Import a CSV of people to Planning Center People.
  4. The Add Person button opens a search box where you can type the name of your new person. First, it searches your entire Planning Center account to make sure you don't duplicate someone who might already exists somewhere else.
  5. The Filter bar helps you narrow down which people are listed. It shows filters that are already applied, and gives you a button to add additional filters. Filters can be added for Teams, Tags, Dates, and Permissions. Learn more about filtering in this lesson.
  6. The Action bar allows you to perform actions on all the results from your filter, or on a specific selection of people. The text on the left will let you know if you will perform actions on all results or on individual selections. Send an email, print a report, export a CSV, or Bulk Edit. To the far right you can choose to show or hide different columns in the list.
  7. Select & Sort. Click any column heading to sort the table by that column in ascending order. Click again to change it to descending. Click the checkbox to select all people for Bulk Editing, or to deselect all people once any selection is made.
  8. Results. Click a person's picture to start a smaller selection within your filter that can be used with the Action bar. Clicking green text within a row takes you different places. Click a person's name to go to their profile, email to compose an email, phone to open and edit their contact info, permission to go to the detail tab on their profile, and Last Scheduled Plan to go to that plan.

Shortcut Keys

There are many shortcut keys available on the People page. Type ? while on the page to see a list of those shortcuts.

The People action shortcuts only work when your mouse is over a person in the list. For example, to archive someone, move your mouse over them in the list and press x on your keyboard.

The General shortcuts work no matter where your mouse is. For example, press e on your keyboard to email everyone shown in the filter, or everyone you've manually selected.

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