The Teams Page

The Teams page is a tab within the main People page to help you manage all the Teams within your account. This article gives an overview of the page and includes links to other articles on some of the more involved features.

  1. Choose which Teams you want to see. By default it shows you My Teams, which are Teams in which you are a Team Leader, or assigned to a position. You can change this to see Teams within other Service Types, Folders, or the entire account.
  2. Potential errors in a Team's setup are shown with a red warning logo. Sort all potential errors to the top by clicking the icon in the header. Potential errors appear when a Team has 0 Members, 0 Positions, or has never been scheduled. Those corresponding columns are also highlighted in red.
  3. Click any column header to sort the list by that column.
  4. Team Type. These icons show you if a team is a Tag Team, Split Team, or Secure Team.
  5. If potential errors exist for any Teams, the appropriate column will be highlighted in red. You can click these to reveal more information about the error, with instructions to fix it.
  6. Clicking any Team name or Service Type will take you to a page where you can edit that Team.
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