May 30 - Services 3.3.1 for iOS

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What’s New:

  • Links in Message Center now work. When viewing emails in the new Message Center, you can tap on links to view plans and respond to requests. The last time we were so excited about a Link was when the new Legend of Zelda came out! Or that breakfast sausage this morning.

Release Highlights:

  • Fixed an issue on the new text messaging screen where Mobile Numbers weren’t saving. Without this fix, promoting the texting feature was a hard cell.
  • Fixed a bug with filtering the Song page to find minor keys. It was no big deal.
  • Improved the Add Song screen, hiding the “Create a New Song” button until search results are shown. This was to help prevent duplicates.
  • The “Create a New Song” button doesn’t show on the Add Song screen until you search. This is so you don’t foolishly do the same thing twice.

Please send along any feedback with the "Help" button in the sidebar menu, and choose "New Support Request". Who knows, your comment might get featured in a future update!

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