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If you're a Scheduler, Editor, or Admin, Planning Center University and the Slack Community offer lots of great ways to set up your account and use the features in Services.

If you are a volunteer at your church with a question specific to your church, we recommend you contact your ministry leader directly.

Planning Center University

These videos will help your team get up to speed with Services.

Teams and Scheduling


Worship Planning


We keep the content updated, and you can watch the recordings at any time. This information is available to anyone who uses Planning Center!

If you need more help outside of just Services, 

Other Churches

The Planning Center Community on Slack is a great way for churches to share advice and connect with each other using chat. It's for strategizing with other church members, not for support.

If you have a part in implementing any Planning Center product at your church, sign up and join the conversation!

Planning Center Support Team

If you can't find the answers you need from Planning Center University or Slack, our Support Team is always here to help! Use the ? at the top right of every page to find articles or open a ticket with Support.

On mobile apps, go to the sidebar and tapHelpon the bottom left.

mobile app help button

When you submit your questions using this box instead of sending us a direct email, we receive lots of information about your account, including what page you're viewing, which allows for fast and accurate support for your request.

Phone Calls

We're dedicated to getting you an email response within an hour whenever we can. We look into the issue in detail, ask for help from other seasoned members of the team, or even consult a developer, if necessary. This type of direct assistance and shared knowledge isn't available when on the phone.

However, if you do need a phone call, you can schedule one when you open a ticket.

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